You have been tasked by the gods to kill the evil Minotaur Magician that has desecrated their temple. To this purpose, you have been given an extraordinary gift.

If you die, rather than being doomed to the underworld to eternity, if you can find a lost soul to inhabit. While in the underworld, you can also collect soul facets, which increase your health, jump strength, running speed and attack power, respectively. . However, if you die in the underworld, there is nothing that can bring you back. In the underworld, your life slips away slowly, so you cannot tarry. Furthermore, there are ancient daemons, called seekers that desire nothing more than to swallow your soul.

In the overworld, there are other obstacles in your way. The Minotaur has called his Pigmen Legionnaires and Centaur Archers to prevent you from reaching his manse. Along with your sword attack (Z or N key), you can also collect spears , throwing them with the X or M keys. If you are in midair, you can even throw the spears straight down by pressing the "down" key (S or the down arrow).